Official Trailer for Jurassic World Escapes

25 Nov


One day ahead of its scheduled release, Universal Pictures posted the first official trailer for next summer’s Jurassic World.

Universal had just released a teaser trailer days before telling everyone to look forward to the Thanksgiving Day release of the trailer. Perhaps they learned a lesson from Marvel and didn’t want Hydra leaking a low res version early.

First Look At Thor 3 Ragnarok

24 Nov


While we’re still waiting to watch Ultron cut his strings from The Avengers, let’s skip ahead to 2017 when we get the next stand-alone movie for Marvel‘s favorite demigod.

Kevin Feige confirmed that Thor‘s third film will pick up immediately following the events of Age of Ultron. Presumably taking place back in Asgard where Loki is masquerading as Odin, we think this where Thanos gets his hands on the the infinity gauntlet and starts his villainous quest as Marvel’s mad titan.

Somehow Odin’s ancient immortal enemy Surtur is released as he uses his powerful sword, Midnight, to bring about Ragnarok or Armageddon .

Pitch Perfect 2: Sequel or Beerfest Remake?

20 Nov


As awesome as is that Pitch Perfect 2 will be coming out next May, the official trailer for the film looks like one we’ve already seen…


RGIII Perfect for D.C.

18 Nov


If you really stop and think about it, RGIII is the archetypal quarterback for DC. He came to the district with such promise and hype. In his first year he had historic accomplishments and was bestowed honors and awards that now seem senseless.

But this early success came at a cost- something he would never fully recover from. Ultimately the longer he stayed in Washington, the more beaten down and dejected he became. Faithful followers lost their loyalty and even his own teammates distanced themselves from their leader.

His ambition and attitude can be partially to blame. But it’s the system that also brought him down. Corrupt billionaires seeking profit and their own benefit derailed his career. The league figured out how he operates and adjusted their defenses.

All that’s left are the same old words that he repeats to the media as we look at a man who has little resemblance to the one who first came here. Redskins fans painfully remember the hope and change that was once promised as they face the realization that the nation’s capital chewed up and spit out their savior.

Really, is there anything more Washington than that?

Fan-Made ‘Friend From Foe’ Trailer

14 Nov

Sequence 1 Copy  8

OK, so we know that Kevin Feige just announced all the films from the Marvel Cinematic Universe up through 2019, but we still think he forgot one!

Last August, Marvel released Black Widow #9- Friend from Foe, which is a crossover of our favorite femme fatale with the Punisher as they take on Crossbones aboard a stranded oil tanker.

So with this source material, we decided to mix in Hawkeye and Nick Fury to create an alternative origin story for Black Widow (and how Fury got that eyepatch). Enjoy!

Official Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer is Here!!!

23 Oct


Blaming the leak on Hyrda, Marvel Studios went ahead and released the HD version of their first official trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron, which was slated to air during next week’s episode of S.H.I.E.L.D.

While it’s a bit like opening your presents before Christmas morning, it’s hard to say that I’m not super excited for the first look and a darker Avengers movie that looks certain to please fans and kick ass at the box office.

The creepy music and James Spader‘s voice raises the hair on my neck every time I hear it! #nostrings

Our fan-made trailer got pretty close to Marvel’s- Spader’s voice is almost exact and we even had a Hulk vs Iron Man scene #humblebrag.

But now that the official trailer is here, it’s time to mark your calendars for May 2015 and get ready to assemble!

Week 6 2014 NFL Predictions

9 Oct



Thursday, October 9

Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans — 8:25 p.m.

Andrew – Indianapolis. While Houston has managed to win against some of the… well…. less adequate… teams, I don’t see them being able to take down some of the league’s more elite teams. I imagine it’ll be close, but I think the Colts can steal one on the road here.

Greg – Houston. I like the way the Texans play at home, so I’ll go with them. I think deep down both of these teams know that they aren’t very good, but they will at least make for a semi interesting game tonight.

Genesis – Colts. When you really break it down, a texan is just nothing without a horse to ride. Colts are an essential part to the image of texan, so without a colt, there is just no texan.

Sunday, October 12

Chicago Bears at Atlanta Falcons — 1:00 p.m.

Andrew – Atlanta. I don’t like this game or this pick, so I’m going with the home team.

Greg – Atlanta. The Falcons are once again off to a shaky start, but Cutler has regressed a bit back to his interception throwing days. I’ll take the Falcons in a shoot out.

Genesis – Bears. They are a far more aggressive animal. Although falcons have the advantage of the sky, bears are just bigger in size and much more aggressive.

New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills — 1:00 p.m.

Andrew – New England. I feel like this is the time of year when things start to fall apart for the Bills who are 6-10 for four of the past five years (the only off year was 2010 when they finished 4-12). Not that things can’t change.. but wow, that’s surprisingly consistent.

Greg – New England. The Patriots are 25-3 against Buffalo since Belichick became the head coach in 2000.

Genesis – Patriots. Although a buffalo is a large beast that has the ability to charge a human, the patriots have the advantage of firepower and freedom

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