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Back to the Future: HOMEMADE

29 May

These guys are PRETTY good at their jobs.

Teach Me How To Panda

6 Oct

Not sure why, but I cannot stop watching this.

The Happiest DJ In the World!

5 Sep

Not much else to say – except that he loves his job and his business is going to go up 500% because of this video. Sorry it took me so long to post this! Can’t wait to hire him for my wedding.

UPDATE: Don’t even bother with the other versions, go straight to this awesome mashup.

It’s the Internets! (07/12/10)

12 Jul

So much has happened since we last talked. Netherlands and Spain decided not to play (and miss open opportunities) until the extra time, LeBron lost a home, and we’re going to Lake Anna this weekend!

Hope everyone has something planned for their lives after the World Cup…(looks around)

It’s the Internets! (04/21/10)

21 Apr

Wow, sorry about the lapse in posts for the Internets – really no excuse. So I’ll stop boring you, let’s get to it!

UPDATE: Ever dream of driving a tank? Well for a small price of $699 you can drive one AND crush 2 cars! DOUBLE CRUSH! (Thanks to Anthony H.)

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It’s the Internets! (04/08/2010)

8 Apr

Well we’re back here. Hope everyone is having a great week – let’s get into it right away today:

Hope everyone is enjoying the weather out there! Make sure to follow us on Twitter and check back here later today for our review of Kick-Ass!

The 160 Greatest Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes

31 Mar

Oh man if you weren’t excited just by reading that headline, maybe you have your grouchy pants or you’re driving the bitter bus today. But chances are – you just skipped all of this writing and went straight for the video, good for you. This should keep you entertained for a little while, because we all know what 2:30 feels like!

[via Pajiba]


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