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Star Wars: Battlefront is Coming Back!

11 Jun

So excited for this. WHY DID YOU TAKE SO LONG TO BRING THIS BACK?! And the best part, DICE is doing it. Yes.

Feel the Power of the Bark-Side.

20 Jan

Star Tours Disneyland is New!

13 Aug

I went to the Disney for the first time last year, and it was incredible. But one thing that was extremely under-developed was the Star Wars ‘ride — Star Tours. They basically hadn’t touched it since the park opened. Well looky here Greg, apparently they have updated it to include tons of different versions and made it 3D. Guess I have to plan a trip back! Here is the ad they created for it though, I like the way they stare down Cinderella:

And a bonus one:

Star Tours is now open…so go go go!

It’s the Internets (08/18/10)

18 Aug

Well folks, we are one writer down (even though Andrew never writes, so technically I am the only one right now). Genesis is in the hospital right now til Friday with some “ghost” problems, you can ask him for info. Anyways – these links are to make him less bored in the hospital, as well as provide you with entertainment! ENJOY!

Hope everyone has a great rainy day and make sure to follow Genesis as he sits in a hospital bed and tweets sad things.

“Return of the Jedi” Deleted Scene

15 Aug

Even though George Lucas is pretty much a moron, and one of his producers recently ripped him (God that ending would’ve been sweet) – I still love (the original) Star Wars. At the huge Star Wars convention party this weekend – he released a deleted scene of Darth Vader and Luke. I think it could’ve stayed in, it’s simple but cool. You can check it out below.

Also, Lucas announced that the six movie Star Wars saga box set is coming out on Blu-Ray in 2011 and will feature deleted scenes – – wonder how much that will cost.

It’s The Internets! (07/01/10)

1 Jul

Geez this year is going by so fast – already July! Anyone have fun plans for the 4th? And also to all my history buffs out there – – On this date in history, Battle of Gettysburg started. FIRE UP THE DVD PLAYERS AND WATCH THE MOVIE!

Hope everyone has a great Fourth of July! We’ll be out this weekend (obviously) so go enjoy yourselves and see you on Tuesday! Make sure to follow Genesis on Twitter – he’ll be hosting a bbq tomorrow night.

It’s the Internets (04/28/10)

28 Apr

Celtics advanced to the next round – it’s a good morning. Time to go face the Cav’s (with Lebron’s hurt elbow?!)

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