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Tasty Tweets with @TastyPotatoes

2 Aug

In a new segment called ‘Tasty Tweets’ – Genesis will read people’s tweets. For our first segment, we chose our good friend Ian (@tastypotatoes). Hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoy reading them.

Ki-Blitzing The Podcast Round 2

26 Jan

And we’re back with another podcast folks! On this one we tried to keep it a bit shorter. We debate Peyton’s future (again), the past two NFL championship games, all star games, and Kronum!

Click the down arrow on the waveform to download the mp3 of this file!

Links to go along:

Manning Article

Kronum how to video

Kronum website

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Monday Music Madness: “The Usual” – Trey Songz & “Pledge of Allegiance to the Swag” – TI

6 Sep

Trey Songz feat Drake – The Usual

The duo who brought us “Successful” are back – bringing us yet another hit that is sure to dominate the radio waves. You’ll be singing this chorus for a while, and although the beat is pretty simple – it also is exciting and different at the same time. And to be honest, I will not go out of my way to listen to Trey Songz unless Drake is in it.

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It’s the Internets! (09/03/10)

3 Sep

It’s been a while – I GET IT OKAY?! But this should help get you through Friday before your 3-day weekend. Go do something fun ya hear?!

Make sure to “LIKE” us on Facebook! Thanks for reading and have a great Labor Day weekend!

It’s the Internets (08/18/10)

18 Aug

Well folks, we are one writer down (even though Andrew never writes, so technically I am the only one right now). Genesis is in the hospital right now til Friday with some “ghost” problems, you can ask him for info. Anyways – these links are to make him less bored in the hospital, as well as provide you with entertainment! ENJOY!

Hope everyone has a great rainy day and make sure to follow Genesis as he sits in a hospital bed and tweets sad things.

Monday Music Madness: “See Me Now (feat. Beyoncé and Charlie Wilson)” – Kanye West & “Bow Chicka Wow Wow” – Mike Posner

16 Aug

See Me Now (feat. Beyonce & Charlie Wilson) – Kanye West

When Kanye West drops a new track, the entire internet freaks out about it – and it’s definitely justified. Everyone has their own opinion regarding Kanye’s attitude, but one thing is clear – the dude can make hits, and this song is no exception. For a while, the internet was a buzz about Drake, but now that that’s over, it’s Mr. Yeezy’s turn. Kanye’s comeback is in full effect. Whether it’s his current hit, Power, or the short but amazing music video for the song, or even his glorious Twitter account, one thing is clear – there’s no stopping this guy. This song utilizes the powerful voice of Beyoncé and the smooth sounds of Charlie Wilson. But here’s the kicker, this song didn’t make it onto his much anticipated upcoming album. So this begs the question, “If this song that didn’t make it is awesome, what will the songs that actually made it sound like?” Check out “See Me Now” and discuss amongst yourselves.:

Like this song? Be sure to check out Kanye’s upcoming album, Dark Twisted Fantasy, dropping sometime this year. (I think in September.)

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Your Thursday Mixtape: Vol X

12 Aug

Wale‘s new album has hit the net – and one of his first singles is a sample from Sam Sparro’s “Black & Gold.” Wale makes the song his own and has created an instant hit. [Free Download Here]

Wale – The Black & Gold

Neon Hitch is working her way through pretty much every blog out there – guess I am helping her – in an effort to make her way to the top. Go listen to some of her stuff (almost all covers) to say you heard her before the radio finds her. [Buy Here]

Neon Hitch – What Starry Eyes Know (Two Door Cinema Club vs. Ellie Goulding)

What we have here is (allegedly) an unreleased and unheard song by Andre 3000. There’s not much else to say but enjoy it.

Andre 3000 – I Do

Rad Omen have been making waves since the beginning of this year, but they finally get their album on August 31st. If they can live up the building hype, this could be the next big thing. Extremely dancey, extremely catchy and very Daft Punk-esque. [Buy Here]

Rad Omen – Rad Anthem

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